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This website will serve as an interim website for Judging Center Training Coordinators to share information.

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Welcome to the Site for Judging Center Training Coordinators

Would you like to make a difference?

At the Fall 2010 trustees meeting, I took the position of National Training Coordinator.  I am looking to put together a Training Task Force of individuals who can contribute in small ways to assist the job of training coordinators at our judging centers across the U.S. and Canada.  If you are interested, please contact me.

I am also looking for ideas of ways that the National Training Task Force can help you as Training Coordinator for your center.  Please contact me with your ideas.

Thanks!      ~ Lynn O'Shaughnessy


Judging Pleurothallids

If you are interested in downloading the PowerPoint Program titled "The Pleurothallid Alliance - Judging the Unusual"...

---> click here


Training Coordinator Listserve

Coming soon will be a listserve for Training Coordinators to communicate with each other.  We will keep you posted!


Who is your center Training Coordinator?

We are trying to update our list of center Training Coordinators so we can keep them updated on any news about JC training.  Please contact me with the name of your center Training Coordinator.  No e-mails will be posted on this website...just the names.

Thanks!      ~ Lynn O'Shaughnessy